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Why do older people tend to drive slower than the other people? So justkeep it in mind. My brother-in-law is married to a wonderful woman who is eight years older than him. Is it ok for you to be treated as a second class becausesomeone else thinks that you're simply not good enough? In my opinion it is all right to like one more than then the other,but if you showed it it would hurt the other child's feelings. Just think, if you don't ask her out you could be missing out on a good thing. Elderly people tend to drive slower because they have less faith in their physical abilities.

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Favoritism was a big part of our familywhen I was in my formative years, and to be honest, I think thefavored child not me is now somewhat uncomfortable with theirrole of favorite child which they still reluctantly play after allthese years. Some men get tired of some silly and immature young women and they want someone more substantial that can carry on an intelligent conversation, have few hang ups and show more emotion and maturity in different areas of their relationship. Children are always looking for ways todo this, so don't give them the tools for this exercise. No one wins when a parent does this. I would think the fact that he is a cousin would maybe raise some red flags. Oh, yes, it is just FINE to have a favorite moms and dads of theworld. Answer Of course it's OK, and the one you 'like' better than the otherswill probably change quite often over the years!

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